by Jacob Hord, @HordRaceWatcher

There had been nine different winners in thirteen races coming into Friday night’s AFCS 410 race at Attica Raceway Park, and there were seven of the top ten starters who were looking to be winner number ten of the season. The stage was set for another excellent feature event, and once again, the drivers delivered.

Skylar Gee and DJ Foos were on the front row of the 30 lap, $3,500 to win race. Gee was looking for his first Attica win, and second of the year, while Foos was gunning for his first win of the year. They set a slow pace coming to the green flag, stacking up some of the field, but it was all systems go. Foos got a huge run coming out of turn two and down the backstretch, taking the lead momentarily. Gee fought right back, though and would snatch the lead from Foos coming down the front stretch at the end of lap one. 

Meanwhile, the short stack-up allowed sixth starting Tyler Gunn, also searching for his first Attica win and first win of 2022, to make his way into third, and he was fast, as he got by Foos for second on lap two. Gunn started gaining on Gee by lap four, and Gee’s lead was not quite one second. By lap six, Gee was in lapped traffic, which allowed Gunn to reel him in. Gunn showed Gee a nose on lap seven, but Gee was able to power away. 

Gee had a slight bobble on lap eight, but still maintained his lead. Gunn was right on his tail now, though and was looking primed to strike. That plan was thrown out the window, as a red flag came out for Chris Andrews who went flipping in turns three and four as he battled for fifth with Cole Macedo. Andrews’ night was over as Macedo continued on with considerable top wing damage. 

On the ensuing restart, Gee rocketed away from Gunn, who had a slight stumble. Gee’s lead was about one second to Gunn by lap 12, but again, Gunn started closing in on the leader as they approached lapped traffic. Gee bobbled slightly again in turns three and four on lap 15, allowing Gunn to get right back on his rear bumper. Gunn wouldn’t get the opportunity to make a move for the lead, as once again a yellow came out. This time it was for Ricky Peterson, who broke a rear end, spilling fluid onto his brake rotor causing a small fire. 

This got Gee out of traffic and back into clean air as DJ Foos almost reclaimed second from Gunn on the restart. Gee once again got out to around a one second lead over Gunn, and Foos who now had a motor going sour. Gee was back into lapped traffic by lap 21 as Macedo got by Foos for third. This chunk of the race, Gunn wasn’t closing in on Gee as quickly, but he was still gaining on the leader. Both Gee and Gunn were rim-riding the top as Macedo was gaining ground on both of them on lap 27. 

There were lapped cars side-by-side in front of Gee on lap 28, and Gunn knew that if he was going to win the race, he would have to make a move coming to the white flag. That’s precisely what Gunn did coming into turns three and four, but he got tight, hit the cushion wrong, and flipped. Heartbreak for Gunn, another break for Gee, but now Cole Macedo, damaged wing and all, had entered the chat. 

This set up a two lap dash for the win. Could Gee hang on and nab his first Attica win, or could Macedo pull a rabbit out of his hat and steal the win? Gee nailed the restart like he had all night long, and Macedo had nothing for him. Gee was able to get his first career Attica Raceway Park and AFCS win. Macedo, Foos, Tim Shaffer and Trey Jacobs rounded out the top five. 

For Gee and Logan Fenton Racing it was their second win of the year, to go with their July 30th win at Atomic with the OVSCA. It’s their fifth top five and ninth top ten finish in the Buckeye State for the 2022 season. 

“It feels great, we’ve been close here a few times a handful of times but never been able to get over the hill and get on top. Our car was great all night, especially in the feature. I think I had some more racecar yet,” Gee said. 

“Cautions fell our way, and we were able to stay in clean air most of the race. The lapped cars were kind of kicking dust and dirt across the racetrack, making it a little hard to see at times. I feel like I got by lapped cars when I needed to and got rolling,” continued Gee.