by Jacob Hord, @HordRaceWatcher                                                  photo: Clint Knight


Kokomo kept me away from home last Sunday, and Mother Nature isn’t playing nice this weekend, so why not do some Quick Hits?

  • There were three races last weekend, with three different drivers winning, and adding their names to the Ohio Winner’s list. David Gravel won the Kistler Engines Classic at Attica, Dave Blaney won the Outlaws visit to Sharon, and Nate Dussel picked up his first win of the year at Fremont.
  • Yes, Dave Blaney won the Outlaw race at Sharon. After his excellent run with the All Stars at Sharon earlier, I knew he could be a player with the Outlaws, but I didn’t expect a win. I was ~18 months old in 1997 when he won his last Outlaw show. 
  • The Outlaws took it to the Ohio locals, taking 18/20 top ten finishing spots, Craig Mintz finished tenth Friday, and I’m claiming Blaney for Ohio. 
  • It might have been a little less lopsided if Brandon Spithaler and Trey Jacobs weren’t taken out in the feature on Friday. Of note, the locals did finish 10-14th at Attica and 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. The Outlaws are dang good.
  • Jim Linder had been out of the car for 20+ years, and that changed last Saturday at Fremont. He busted out an experimental 312 car to make sure it ran and nothing fell off before another driver takes the helms later this season. 
  • Speaking of Helms, it looks like Caleb Helms is kind of out of retirement, he drove the Jamie Miller No. 6 at Waynesfield earlier, and was driving the Seeling No. 97 at Atomic Thursday night.
  • Kyle Larson picked up his second sprint car win of the year Thursday at Atomic with the FAST Series, worth $20k. Hunter Schurenberg and Cale Conley rounded out the podium. 
  • I’m currently watching the Silver Crown race from IRP (Lucas Oil Raceway), and wow, what a race. Looks like Kody Swanson is going to take the checkers.
  • Are we surprised that Nate Dussel and DJ Foos finished 1-2 at Fremont? We shouldn’t be. 
  • Cole Duncan not winning at Atomic is surprising. It was his first time not winning at Atomic since July 15, 2020. It was a five race Atomic winning streak snapped for Duncan.
  • Update: Kody Swanson won the Silver Crown race. He has the midget feature and Little 500 on tap for today yet. 
  • The Ohio 360 scene has a big race on Sunday at Waynesfield, paying $12k to win. The Friday and Saturday events at Limaland and Wayne County have been rained out. 
  • Some of the Ohio locals made the trip to Kokomo last Sunday. Cole Macedo finished fourth from the BMain, while Greg Wilson, Gary Taylor, DJ Foos, and Chris Andrews did not make the feature. 
  • Mike Keegan and Paul Weaver put on a doozy of a show last Friday at Attica, with Keegan scoring his first career win by .001 seconds after a tremendous battle. It was good to see the X car back in victory lane. 
  • Aussie Lachlan McHugh made his US debut Thursday at Atomic in the Jim Muth owned 101 car. He finished fourth. Stat attack:
Cole Macedo and Broc Martin lead the state in wins with three apiece.

Cole Macedo leads the state in top five finishes with eight. DJ Foos has seven. 

Cole Macedo, DJ Foos, and Chris Andrews all have nine top ten finishes. 

Cole Macedo and DJ Foos are tied for the top spot in the 410 standings with 65 points each. Travis Philo, Chris Andrews, and Brandon Spithaler round out the top five.