by Jacob Hord, @HordRaceWatcher

Coming into the 2024 season, there was a lot of unknowns for Lane Racing. The All Star Circuit of Champions, who they had raced with since 2021, was no more, and they were without a driver. Enter Zane DeVault. DeVault had a strong 2023 season in both 360 and 410 action, picking up wins across the Midwest and in the East at tracks like Riverside, 34 Raceway, and Carolina Speedway. 

The math was mathing and last week, it was announced that DeVault would be the pilot of the esteemed Lane Racing #4 machine in 2024.

“Zane was the best choice for Lane Racing because we both understand it’s going to take a little more effort from the both of us to take this program to where we want it to be,” said Brett Lane, owner of Lane Racing. “Zane would give me his last dollar to race the 4 car and I’d give my last dollar to be able to have him race it. Our visions align on what it’s going to take.”

DeVault added: “Lane Racing has always been a big supporter of me from day one. We have become like family and we were both in an unknown situation at the end of last year, and decided to try to put a small schedule together. They have great equipment and they now how to race at a level much higher than I’ve been used to years past.”

Before this 2024 season, DeVault actually has some experience behind the wheel of the Lane #4. Late in 2021, he did a four race stint, and picked up a win at Atomic Speedway in Southern Ohio. Lane admits that since it was only a four race stretch they raced together four years ago, there isn’t a whole lot they can take from that from a mechanical standpoint. 

“As far as keeping in touch and talking over the past four years since he drove for us in 2021, has helped set the expectations and we both know where we are mentally with this, and get to bypass the uncomfortable ‘Get to know you’ phase right out of the gate. I don’t have to guess if I should stock Pepsi or Coke in the trailer, because I know Zane would prefer milk,” Lane said. 

“The biggest thing that will help us from years past is that we are both very competitive and we will do whatever it takes to compete for wins,” said DeVault. “We work well together and we are able to talk through situations to improve every time we get off the track. They have really good equipment from the Kistler Engines, to the J&J Frames, to the Titan Wings.” 

Lane knows that the big goals take time, and the right pieces in place. He is confident that he is putting the puzzle together to have a team that competes night in and night out against any competition. 

“Zane and I have talked about career goals and expectations a lot. Like most, we want to achieve success at the highest level, but we know that time will play a big role in that. Having Hunter Jackson, who spent all of 2023 with Zane, join us– I feel that the three of us have set the expectations and the goals to work as hard as we can, limit mistakes, and make no excuses other than what we see in the mirror. If we can do those three things, the wins will come,” stated Lane.

“The main goal this year is to compete for the FAST Series championship and build some partnerships with some businesses to get some more funding to be able to compete for wins with other series when they come around to Ohio and Indiana,” stated DeVault. 

Lane concluded: “Financially, our schedule allows us to commit to the FAST Series and FAST Ohio Speedweek. The team is working really hard to land some more partnerships for this upcoming season. We are a little far away from where our goal is set, and we are out looking to find a couple primary and associate partnerships for the 2024 season so we can possibly expand our schedule to include some Maverick races, Western Pennsylvania Speedweek, and World of Outlaw races throughout Ohio and Indiana.” 

Lane Racing could not have made it to year seven without all of its past partnerships and current partnerships. We want to thank everyone for believing in our program and look to growing towards the future. If you are interested in learning more about how you could be a part of the growth, please feel free to give Brett Lane a call anytime at 586-557-5261.