by Jacob Hord, @HordRaceWatcher

The 2023 race season was the season of Cap Henry and Jeff Ward Motorsprts. In his first year in the 33W machine, Henry and crew chief Zack Myers scored 11 wins, and championships at Attica Raceway Park, Fremont Speedway, and the AFCS title. That marked the first time a driver won the “Triple Crown” in Northwest Ohio since Byron Reed in 2015. A lot has changed since the checkered flag flew on the 2023 season, here are some things to watch for in the 410 division in 2024.

Can Cap Top 2023? 

While his schedule for 2024 hasn’t been released yet, don’t be surprised to see Henry and the 33W add a little bit of travel to their schedule. Henry will also be piloting the Marc Dailey Racing 2MD in the High Limit Midweek Series. Until proven otherwise, Cap Henry should be the top dog in Ohio coming into 2024. It would be hard to pick against him for the Triple Crown in 2024, if he does run for all three championships.

Millstream Returns:

The famed Millstream Speedway in Findlay hasn’t seen action since 2016, but new owners Matt and Beth Cogely are breathing new life into the old girl. For a long time, most thought that Millstream was going to be lost forever, but it seems like things are moving along nicely for the 2024 season at Millstream. Although a full schedule hasn’t been released, the track has a few races lined up already. Ohio Speedweek will visit on June 14, and the GLSS 360’s have a date on August 25. There’s been a lot of “I’ll believe it when I see it” in regards to Millstream reopening in the past, but I think that we’ll be seeing it in 2024.

Farmer Reunites with Fremont:

In October of 2023, it was announced that Rich and Shelly Farmer were taking over promotion of Fremont Speedway, making it their second stint promoting the ⅓ mile oval. New clay has already been put down, and for the first time since 2016, the World of Outlaws will visit Fremont. It was also announced that the Jim and Joanne Ford Classic finale will pay $20k to win. Increased purses and all races being broadcast on DirtVision are also on the docket for The Track That Action Built. 

Attica’s New GM:

One year after longtime GM Rex Lejeune retired, Attica Raceway Park was looking for a GM. After a search that spanned most of the winter, Justin Liskai was tabbed as the next GM. Son of announcer Brian Liskai, Justin has worked at both Attica and Fremont in some capacity over the years. In my opinion, this is a really good hire by Attica, and I’m excited to see what Justin and promoter John Bores are able to come up with for ARP in 2024. New clay, and increased race night and championship purses have already been announced, along with the full 2024 schedule. 

Atomic Hosting Everyone:

Since Charlie Vest took over Atomic Speedway just south of Chillicothe, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a national touring series that hasn’t visited the ⅜ mile oval in the hills of Southern Ohio. 2024 is no different. Atomic will host the Lucas Oil Late Models, World of Outlaw Sprint Cars and Late Models, Xtreme Midget Series, Valvoline American Late Model Ironman Series, FAST Series, BOSS Series, the Super DirtCar Big Block Modifieds, and have another rendition of the Night The Stars Come Out on October 1st, featuring the High Limit Racing Series and Lucas Oil Late Models. Atomic may be the only place in the country where you can see all of these series in one place throughout the season. Well worth the trip in my opinion. 

Speedweek Lives:

After the All Star Circuit of Champions was sold and disbanded, there was much speculation as to what would happen to the beloved Ohio Sprint Speedweek. Rumors swirled for weeks, and for a long time it looked like there would be a Speedweek put on by the FAST Series, and a separate Speedweek put on by Rich Farmer. At the last minute, a deal was reached to unify both Speedweeks, and so the 42nd Annual Ohio Sprint Speedweek will kick off at Attica Raceway Park on June 7, and run nine consecutive nights at nine different tracks, all put on by the FAST Series with some help from High Limit Racing. 

Taking the Next Step:

Some drivers I have my eye on in 2024 to take that next step and either get into victory lane, or visit victory lane more include Ricky Peterson, Bryce Lucius, and Kasey Jedrzejek.

Ricky Peterson scored one 410 win in 2023 at Tri-City Raceway in Western Pennsylvania, but perhaps his most impressive run came during Speedweek at Wayne County Speedway. A 14th-3rd run on the high-side of a heavy track showed what Peterson is capable of when he isn’t being riddled with bad luck. This team has wins in them, and if they can score one early, the floodgates may open. 

The 2023 National 410 Rookie of the Year Bryce Lucius had his fair share of good runs and learning experiences in 2023. A handful of top five finishes and 12 top ten finishes in Ohio, including solid runs with the World of Outlaws and All Stars set a good foundation for the 17 year old Lucius. As long as he can avoid the proverbial sophomore slump, Lucius and Co. could make some noise in 2024. 

Kasey Jedrzejek’s last name is hard to spell, but you should get used to spelling it. He ran a limited 410 schedule in 2023 between the Jamie Adams 12 and the Ed Neumeister 11N, but is back in the 11N for 2024. Jedrzejek is oozing with talent, and I don’t think it will take too long before he is competing in the front of the field. 

There are plenty of other names I could have mentioned like Creed Kemenah, Mike Keegan, Zeth Sabo, Henry Malcuit, just to name a few. Plus, you never know when someone like Emerson Axsom or the Alex Bowman Racing #55 could show up and mix things up with our strong contingent of locals. 

Races to Watch:

Atomic Speedway:

Buckeye Spring 50-March 22- Lucas Oil Late Models

May 24/25- World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, Xtreme Midgets

June 15- $6,000 to win FAST Speedweek

Fireball 50- August 23/24- World of Outlaw Late Models

Rumble in the Hills- September 27/28- Super DirtCar Big Block Modifieds

The Night the Stars Come Out- October 1- High Limit Sprint Cars, Lucas Oil Late Models

Full Schedule here


Attica Raceway Park: 

Core and Main Spring Nationals- April 12/13- $6,000 to win 410’s both nights

Kistler Engines Classic- May 17- $12,000 to win World of Outlaws

Bert and Brigitte Emick Classic- June 7- $6,000 to win FAST Speedweek

Brad Doty Classic- July 16- $15,000 to win World of Outlaws

Attica Ambush- August 30/31- $6,000 to win 410’s both nights- FAST only August 30

Full Schedule here


Eldora Speedway:

#LetsRaceTwo- May 3/4 – World of Outlaws Sprints, USAC Sprints

Dirt Late Model Dream- June 6/7/8

Jokers Jackpot- July 17/18- High Limit Racing

Kings Royal- July 19/20- World of Outlaw Sprint Cars

World 100- September 5/6/7

4 Crown- September 20/21- High Limit R/acing, USAC Sprints, Midgets, Silver Crown 

Dirt Track World Championship- October 17/18/19- Lucas Oil Late Models

Full Schedule here


Fremont Speedway:

Double Down Throwdown- May 25- Twin Features

Rick Ferkel Tribute- May 27- World of Outlaws Sprints

Kistler Race Products Night- June 8- $10,000 to win FAST Speedweek

Fair Race- August 19- 305 Sprints

Jim and Joanne Ford Classic- September 13/14- $20,000 to win Saturday

Full Schedule here


Wayne County Speedway:

June 10- FAST Speedweek

July 14- $5,000 to win Hell Tour Late Models

Don/Hans Gross Memorial-August 10- $5,000 to win ALMS Late Models

Pete Jacobs Memorial- September 1- $10,000 to win FAST 410’s

Buckeye Brawl- September 27- World of Outlaws Sprints

Full Schedule here


Ohio Sprint Speedweek

June 7- Attica Raceway Park

June 8- Fremont Speedway

June 9- Waynesfield Raceway Park

June 10- Wayne County Speedway

June 11- Hilltop Speedway

June 12- Sharon Speedway

June 13- Muskingum County Speedway

June 14- Millstream Speedway

June 15- Atomic Speedway


Other Dates:

Sharon Speedway- Sprint Car Showdown- May 18- World of Outlaws Sprints

Waynesfield Raceway Park- July 3- GLSS Sprints

Portsmouth Raceway Park- Dean Knittel Memorial- $25,554 to win High Limit Sprints

Waynesfield Raceway Park- August 24- GLSS Sprints

Millstream Speedway- August 25- GLSS/GTLS Sprints

Sharon Speedway- Sprint Car Showdown- September 28- World of Outlaws Sprints

Waynesfield Raceway Park- October 5- GLSS Sprints


Check out for a comprehensive 2024 schedule


Bonus: How I think the Top Ten in Ohio 410 Points will fare in 2024


  1. Cap Henry: See his paragraph at the beginning of the article.
  2. Cole Duncan: Another quiet, successful year for Duncan in 2023 highlighted by eight wins and making the Eldora Million Feature. I think it will be a lot of the same for Duncan in 2024. He’s a threat to win any race he shows up at, whether it’s a local, FAST, or Outlaw show. He has 50 wins in Ohio from 2017-2023, and it’s very possible he gets to 60 in 2024.
  3. Travis Philo: P3 is Philo’s highest ranking since the stats started in 2017. Philo took a step forward in 2023 with three wins, 12 top fives, and 23 top tens, as well as battling for championships in NW Ohio. Philo’s consistency in 2023 was key. If there’s slight improvement from Philo and crew chief AJ Havens, they could be around that 8-10 win mark in 2024. 
  4. Trey Jacobs: Although Jacobs went winless in 2023, he still finished with 11 top fives and 22 top tens. Considering the amount of things that went wrong for Jacobs in 2023, he still had a very solid season. The former Attica 410 champion has proven he can win and contend night in and night out. If he can snag a win early to open the floodgates, the new father could be a major contender. 
  5. Byron Reed: Well, he’s retired now, but can we take a moment to appreciate how well he ended his 2023 season? A win at Attica and solid runs at both Attica and Fremont to round out a stellar career. It looks like Reed has some fun project cars he’s working on, and hopefully we get to see him at some of the vintage car races. 
  6. Tyler Courtney: The former All Star champion is now on the High Limit Trail, so he’ll have limited Ohio starts in 2024. His season is off to a good start though, and at the time of me typing this, he already has an Outlaw and High Limit win to his credit in 2024. 
  7. Danny Smith: Maybe the most surprising guy on the list. But, he was tied for third in Ohio with 12 top five finishes, mainly in Southern Ohio. The Sprint Car Hall of Famer typically runs here, there and everywhere, so it’s difficult to pinpoint where he’ll be on any given weekend. The veteran still has it, though, so don’t be surprised to see him up front in that yellow and white #4 machine. 
  8. Zeb Wise: The final All Star Champion had four All Star wins in Ohio during the 2023 season, but like Tyler Courtney, is on the High Limit trail in 2024. I think Wise will miss his visits to Attica and Fremont, where he was known to win, but he gets to have a go at Eldora, where he walked off his All Star Championship with a win during Four Crown. 
  9. Stuart Brubaker: Stuart had a very Stuart Brubaker year in 2023, picking up a win, 10 top fives, and 20 top tens. I’d expect more of the same for Brubaker in 2024. He’ll be in the top ten of most of the shows he runs, but crashes seem to find him at times. If he can keep his nose clean, there isn’t a reason he can’t pick off three to five wins. 
  10. Tyler Gunn: The 2023 Wayne County Champ had a breakout season, winning four times at the Orrville Oval. It was very much a checkers or wreckers season for Gunn, though. There were a lot of torn up racecars for Gunn, or races where he spun and had to charge his way back to the top ten. If he avoids trouble in 2024, that win total could be larger. 


And because it goes without saying: Eldora having two $100,000+ to win shows is ~ neat ~